Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Whatcha Workin on Wednesday..

Boy do the weeks seem to roll by fast..LOL.. Well, Josh's room is still a total mess. We have not decided what to do with the floor. I think I might try looking around some of the local carpet stores to see what kind of prices I can get on reminants. I have never done that before so any info y'all can give will be great. Should I measure the room, how do I ask, what do I ask for things like that. Hope anyone can help.

I am also working on some ornies for a swap that Im in on the CYO Forum. Just a few little details to go, and I will have those finished. Sorry I cant show a picture. I wouldnt want anyone to see what I'm making.. CYO is also having a Christmas in July Craftshow. Y'all should pop in and see if you can find something there. All you have to do is click the link to the right. So Im busy with that too.

So now you know what Im working on. What are you working on???

Until next time.. Happy Crafting.


Leslie said...

Carpet need to measure your room. Measure from wall to wall width and then length. Take those measurements and multiply together...that's your square footage. That usually tells them enough but with a remenant just knowing the dimensions of the room will help. Hopefully you find someone there that knows what they're talking about, too :)

Good luck!