Friday, March 5, 2010

A Chat with Wesley

This is so sweet I just had to share it.

I just love those little talks I have with my kids. You know the kind where you're talking about this and that and then they say something and it just blows your mind as to how they come up things or how they know what to say. Wesley is my youngest son at the ripe ole age of 5.

We were chatting yesterday about Love. Like he knows about love right? Well thats what I thought anyway. He told me that he loooves me this much and he put his arms behind his back, thats alot of love for a 5 year old. giggle. Anyway he asked me how much did I love him and I told him it could not be measured as to how much I love him. Of course he didnt understand that. He said do you love me to the moon and back? Yes, several times more too.

So I asked him "how do you know that I love you?" "how can you tell?" His reply was............"I can see it in your eyes!" How sweet is that?

Prim Blessings, Tammy