Thursday, July 24, 2008

Show and Tell Thursday

I have this cameo set that my Papa gave me many years ago. I dont know anything about them. I have searched the net and searched books and anitque stores, but I have yet to find any information on them. This is not a very good picture, and they look like they need to be cleaned. Im afraid to clean'em. I dont wanna mess them up.

When I was about 16-17 many years ago, I use to love cameos. I have a few, but this set is my favorite. I use to wear them, but as I go older I decided that I should put them away for safe keepin'.

If anyone has any information or knows anything about cameos please feel free to share it with me. There is a lady that owns an antique store in town near here that said I could bring them in for her to look at, but I have not had the chance to get back by there. I hope someone somewhere someday will have some information on them.

So, thats my Show and Tell for this week.


Tammy said...
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Tammy said...

Carm, I dont know why your comment didnt show up. I got the email, but nothing was here. I had posted about that but decided to delete my comment thinking people might think Im crazy. I just didnt want you to think I deleted you comment.