Thursday, June 26, 2008

Show and Tell Thursday

My friend Kim at Simple Needs blog is doing a show and tell Thursday, so I thought I would join her in doing that.

I went to the store the other day, and they sell cheese there. Anyway, they have all the leftover cheese boxes. So I asked if I could have a couple. And sure enough they let me have'em.

I dont have a picture of what they looked like before. I guess I need to get into that habit. Anyway, I have decided to paint them for Halloween and add a few things to them. When I get them finished I will post a picture for y'all.

I think I need to go by there and pick up a few more.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ok, Its Wednesday....

So I need to let y'all know what Im working on. I have a pattern that I got from Lowell Country, its the sunflower pocket with crow. Well I got some of those sewed up and then didnt have the supplies I need to finish them, so I put those on the back burner. I have made up some pinkeeps from a pattern that I got from Sassafras Hill. I think they turned out pretty good. And they are easy to make. I have a few santas that I have started. Just got to paint and do some stitching and then just the little stuff to get them done. I also have going the primitive dolls, I got that pattern from Chestnut Junction. Very easy to do as well.

I have alot of irons in the fire. As usual. I can never focus on just one thing. I jump from pattern to pattern alot..

Well thats what Im workin on how about y'all??

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To my visitors

I am so glad that y'all have been stopping by. I hope that I can get good at this bloggin' thing, so that I can keep y'all interested and coming back. I am so glad that you did stop by. I am new to bloggin' so be patient with me as find new and interesting things to talk about and share with you.

Have a blessed evening.

I got this shot of the sun setting the other evening. I am working on taking pictures to share with y'all to. I hope you like it.

Trying to get ahead

Im trying to get ahead this week. LOL. I thought today was Wednesday. Guess Im trying to rush the week through. I work this week and then next week I am off work for the whole week. It will be a nice vacation. I hope to get so much crafting done during that time. Since I went back to work, it's hard to come home and be motivated to work on anything.

So how has your Tuesday been?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Morning Blues

Well its the beginning of a new week. I have so much to do this morning before I head into work. I am working 2-6 three days this week, so that gives me time to get some housework done. Seems thats a neverending story. I have been working on a few things, just got to finish them up. I plan to do that when I get home this evening. So what is your Monday looking like. I hope whatever you do, you have fun. Have a great day..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy Afternoon

I have been busy this afternoon. Believe it or not I got a chance to sew today. My friend Angie and I are doing a craftshow together in October, so I have been trying to busy myself with fall and winter crafts. I think I did pretty good for one day. I got my pumpkins finished and three santas sewed and stuffed. I will get them painted tomorrow. Just a little update on what I have been doing. I hope to get more done throughout the week. I dont have to go into work until 2 pm three days this week so I hope, hope, hope to get somethings done.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Whatcha Workin on Wednesday??

My friend Leslie of My Country Home has started a Whatcha Workin on Wednesday?, I think this is a great idea. I hope it will keep me motivate toward making something. Since it is the end of the week, I gonna start next Wednesday. I hope you will visit her blog to find out more. Now Im off to decide where to start first.. Happy Crafting everyone.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trying to get some stuff done

Well since being back to work this week, I have just been lazy about my crafting. I did however get a few patterns traced out tonight. I will try to get them sewed tomorrow. Its tough working outside the home, keeping house, kids, and crafting. I think I will have to do most of my work on the weekends. Seems I might have time then. But....cha never know... So be patient with me as I try to get into the swing of things.

View of the moon

Last night was the full moon. It was just beautiful. I love to see the phases of the moon. It all just amazes me. The full moon has to be favorite. The color and size is just unbelieveable. I hope you got a chance to see it too.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Oh my gosh, I just cant get enough of them. I love doing printables so much. I was afraid the first time, but once I did it I was hooked. There are just so many possibilies to do with them. If you havent tried to do them, you should. You would have soooo much fun... This is my favorite.. I got this one from Sassafras Hill. I just love her stuff.

I have been steadly working

I have been trying to get some items started for Fall. Boy does that take some time. Getting the patterns I want to do, having time to sew them, and well just finding time period. I get sidetracked very easily. But I have somethings I have been working on. I will share them with soon.

I must be crazy!!

LOL, here I am starting another blog. What is wrong with me??? I think I am gonna use The Olde Hollow Crow as my crafting blog. Show y'all some things Im workin' on maybe some helps, how to and what not to do's. I dont know we'll see.