Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My find this weekend

I have looked and looked everywhere for one of those wire cover thingys that you can put over baked goods. I call them piekeeps, but Im not sure what the exact name for them are. Well, little did I know that I had one here at the house.

I got this sifter/strainer thing from Dh's Grandma when they cleaned out her house. It has been hanging in my kitchen for a little over a year now. I had it hanging on the wall and it was always in the way. When we would open the cabinets it would fall off, and it was really nerve racking.

So while sitting at the bar the other day, I looked over and thought, Ding-- light bulb. Tammy? Why don't you try to get the wire base off that thing and use it for a piekeep. Well, that's exactly what I did. Now it serves as a piekeep on my diningroom table and we wont have to worry about knockin' it off the wall anymore.

So, I took a screwdriver and prized the wire base off and now.. Well, whatcha think? Does it serve it's purpose?


simple~needs said...

great idea!! i picked up one of those at a yard sale!! my grandma called them fly keeps. lol
cause the flies land on them and it keeps them out of the food. ;)
i was worried about the thing falling aprt if i tried removing the meatl base.

Tammy said...

Hey Thank you Kim. I didnt know what they were called. I thought this one might fall apart too, but it did ok. It didnt take much to get the base off. Actually it popped right off. Let me know if you try it..

This Country Girl said...

I want one too, Tammy! I'll have to raid my house (and my mom's) and see what I can find now! :) Around here they would need to be called a mosquito keep! lol!

Glad you found one!