Friday, August 22, 2008

Well, Here it is Friday!!!

I have had such a busy week. I missed WWOW (whatcha workin on Wednesday) and Show and Tell this week. I have a few things that I have been workin' on, but mostly I have been gettin' Josh ready for school. Gosh this was the last week of summer vacation and it sure has flown by. I am so nervous for him. I am usually a basket case the whole first week of school, this year could be different since he will be goin' to high school, I could be a basket case all year. LOL.

So, since I missed WWOW and Show and Tell, I am gonna post it today. I have gotten some Prairie Dolls sewn up and ready to be stuffed and put together. Dont have pics of that.

I had gotten some boxes a few weeks back from the Goodwill, and just decided what I would do with them. So I painted them and added a Halloween graphic to the top.

And I got some primtive cat bowl fillers done as well. Im not sure if I like how they turned out or not. But they look ok.

So with the busy week I have had, I think I managed to get some things done. Gotta get goin' on other things as well. October will be here before ya know it, and it will be time for my very first craftshow..

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


angie said...

loving the boxes and the cats! this has been a crazy week for me too!

Shay said...

Hi Tammy!
Thanks for stopping by girl!! Ooooh see I come over here and YOU tempt me too!!! LOL Oh I love it all!!! The boxes are just adorable!!

Tammy said...

Angie, how did the open house go for Kailey? I hope it wasnt too bad. Josh's wont too bad, but the school is bigger though. I saw alot of old school friends and people I use to work with in the daycare. That was fun. A few old teachers too. Oh boy. LOL.

Thank you for the nice comments you left. I think the boxes need some poly on them. What do you think?

Shay, You are too funny. LOL, Thank you too for the nice comments. How is the auction coming? Good I hope.

Thank y'all for stoppin' by.

simple~needs said...

i love the boxes and the cats!! you are a great crafter!!
have a good weekend!

Tammy said...

Thank you Kim. I love the boxes too. I think they turned out pretty good.

This Country Girl said...

I love your boxes and the cats! Very good job on both! Looks to me like you got alot accomplished!

Have a great weekend!


Raggedy Angel said...

I love your black cats..they look great! Beth

Tammy said...

Thank you Beth. LOL, I think they are growin' on me...

Shay said...

Hey Tammy! It's going good. I still am waiting for my dad to finish up a few things to go on the website, but other than that we are done, I'm gonna load everything up on the 5th & 6th..then open it at 12 am the 7th!! I'm excited it's going well, I just got my stuff started for it!!
Have a good day girl!!