Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's Show and Tell time.

I decided this morning to take the boys out for lunch. While we were eating I told them that we were gonna stop by the Thrift Stores on the way home. I am sooo glad I did too. I found some nice things there. They have alot of those wooden items. You know like the country shelves and things like that. I could have bought them all. But I need another shelf like I need a hole in the head. So this is what I got.

I found all of this at two different places, and Im soo glad I stopped. Im not sure where the boxes came from or what they were used for, but they have Sonoco Fibre Drum stamped on the bottom. I dont know if Im gonna fabric cover them or paint. I havent decided yet.

The 5 wooden bowls I know Im gonna paint, the 2 smaller ones have a design on them and they look kinda primitive so I think I will just use them to sit around.

I love the little copper jello molds. They are right cute I think. What to do with them, Im thinking. The valances and pillow shams I got to make pumpkins out of. I think they are some nice colors for Fall. And that stripped one I think is pretty wild. I think it will make some great pumpkins.

Oh, Oh and the napkin holder. I thought that was neat too. Gonna paint it and prim it up nicely. It seems I have a few projects to keep me busy. I will keep y'all posted as to what I do with them.

That's my Show and Tell. Until next week.


This Country Girl said...

You hit the jackpot! That's some great stuff! I would have loved to have found any one of those! Lucky girl! Show us them after you've painted, please! :)


Black Sheep Lisa said...

WTG Tammy! Great Goodies!

simple~needs said...

you got some great finds!! woohoo!!!

Tammy said...

I dont go to the TS much. But when I do I think I find good stuff.