Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pay it Forward.

Come on y'all. Pay it forward.

This is how it works, the first three people who comment on this post I will send you a surprise. Then you are to post it on your blog and the first three people who respond you send a gift too and you just keep it going that way. The gift can be something you have, or made, or bought. or flea market items. Please keep your gifts small, (maybe something you could fit into a manilla envelope or regular envelope).
You can play more than once if you want too. Just a little fun to help beat this summer time heat!!!!!


simple~needs said...

count me in!! i love doing these !
hugs, kim
my email is
smalltownprim(at) yahoo dot come

Tammy said...

Thank you Kim, I think it will be fun. Will be interesting to see what folks get.

QuiltedSimple said...

I did this a few months ago - and Loved it. If you still need 1 more, count me in!