Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Whatcha Workin on Wednesday??

I been workin' on some stitching. We are having our 14th Annual Christmas Get Together on Saturday. 14th??? Ever since Josh was a baby my Mama's sister and her children dont get to see my kids at Christmas because of all the running here an there we have to do. So I have a special day during December where I have my family here for Josh and Wesley to get their gifts from them. It's not many that come, just my Mama and Daddy, my brother and his "new" wife, my Mama's sister and her daughter, Nannie and my Aunt and Uncle that live across the road from us. Not many...

So anyway, I have always tried to have them all a little something to say it's from Josh and Wesley. You know. So I have been busy the past few days working on stitching and painting frames. I have to say that I am not a production worker for sure..... But they are done all but sanding down the frames and adding the stitching. I had one piece of Aida left and it's the funny shaped one there. I guess it will have to go in a little different than the rest of'em. But I am gonna get them finished today!!!

Not to mention gettin' the house cleaned too. I like to put that off until last. With 2 wild boys and a DH, my work sometimes is done in vain... Y'all know what I'm talkin' bout.... giggle.. So I am putter'n around doing a little of this and that.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday.. Happy Crafting Everyone..


Back in the Day said...

Those are so cute! I know they will be a big hit!

angie said...

they look great Tammy~gosh you've been busy!