Monday, December 29, 2008

New Adventure and a couple new items.

My dream is to own my own shop. I just dont see that in my future right now. I have pondered this for sometime now and I have made a decision. My friend Angie and I are gonna share a booth here at our local crafters mall. It's called the Corner Junction. Angie has been there for a while now and she and I have talked about me coming in and sharing a booth for sometime now. So I finally made the decision to go ahead and jump right in. I mean how else will I sell my items if no one knows Im out there. I hope we can get in there by the end of week. Wish me, us, luck...

Also, I have had a nice vacation from work. Jay took Wesley with him today and Josh was out hunting with my brother, so I sat down at the sewing machine and stitched up a couple of things.

I made the Valentine Stocking that Becky had as a free pattern, some time ago. And I think it turned out really nice.

I also did a stitchery from Country Rustic Primitives. Mine turned out to be a little bigger than her measurements, but I think it came out pretty good.

If you like any of the things I have made, I will have them on my website soon. Please feel free to stop by and visit with us. We would love to have ya at The Olde Hollow Crow


Lisa said...

I would love to own my own shop too someday. I'd like it to be a combination of primitive and antique furniture. Maybe when the kids are grown. I've added myself to one of your followers. I'd be honored if you'd do the same. Then we can keep in touch. I'm just getting back into the crafting of things. I ordered several new patters about 2 days ago. About 8 years ago I had a craft business where I rented booth space at a mall. But I only had 3 kids then and none of them were in school.

Tammy said...

Thanks for following. I will head over to yours and do the same. I was over there yesterday, cant remember if I signed up to follow or not. But I certainly will.

I have 2 kids, both boys and they consume alot of my time. I get crafts in when I can, ya know.

Good luck to you.

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Hey Tammy, Love the stitchin!
Best of luck to you with the Corner Junction, sounds like fun!

angie said...

love the goodies~i've been eyeing that stitchin pattern myself! i adore the stocking too!

My*Prim*Cottage said...

Good luck with your shop! You make wonderful things! I really like that Valentine much would that be? Let me know. ~Beth~

Heather's Stitches said...

Good Luck Girl!!

I'd Love to own my own Bookstore but it's not in the plan right now.

Love that Stitchery!


Tammy said...

Thank you all so much.

Angie, it's scary that we look at the same patterns. Giggle.

Lisa, I have been trying to catch up with ya on yahoo. where ya been girl?

Beth, I am selling the pinkeep for $15.95. Just holla at me. I have it listed on my site.

I saw that you opened a new blog much luck with that. I hope you do good.

Thank you all again for the kind words, Hugs...

Lisa said...

thanks for following. You are there. I dont' why it didn't show up. I'm having trouble posting htis message, so if you get it twice that's why. I'm one of the grey boxes on your followers list. someday I'll get a photo but I have to lose some weight first.
good luck with the store for you and your friend.

Kimberly said...

Best of luck Tammy... can I join you too? I was talkin' "shop" with my dad tonight... all this scheming and dreaming is going to drive me crazy! One day it will all fall into place!
Blessings, Kimberly

Cindy B said...

Best wishes at the Corner Junction! My dh and I ran a booth at a large mall here in Illinois for about 10 years until we retired. It made us a good second income. It wasn't far from interstate travel and three major camp grounds ( we advertised with posted flyers there telling campers where we were located and of free gift certificiate drawing sign ups) which helped sales in the usually slower summer months.) One thing I noticed also with some crafters...keep rotating what you have to offer..people come the next visit and like to see new items added and things changed around. Have a lot of fun with this ...wishing you the best!

Kath said...

Hi Tammy!
I Love all your new items--you do wonderful work :)
I wish you and Angie all the best-- YOU WILL HAVE A SHOPPE ONE DAY :)
..Just like Kimberly said, 'one day it will all just fall into place'!!
Best of Luck with the Corner Junction.

Happiness & Blessings to you, in the New Year!


Raggedy Angel said...

That sounds like a wonderful idea...I know you are gonna do great!!! Beth

Tammy said...

Thank you all for your best wishes. Im a little excited and scared all at the same time. But I dont know until I try.

I hope one day my little shop will come to be.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Tammy,
The best of luck at the Corner Junction!!! Remember baby steps is what it takes to get to your goal of owning your on country store...this adventure is one of them:)
Love your valentine pinkeep too!

Cassie said...

Oh, good luck! I bet you do great, the things that you make are so lovely!

basketsnprims said...

Tammy, I love your pinkeep and your stocking. You do wonderful work. I would like to own a shop, too, with hand-dids and antiques but I really can't see that happening. For now I'm going to sell in a local shop and on my blog or an etsy. May do a craft show later on this year, also. Best of luck with your new venture. I'm a follower now, too.


This Country Girl said...

Oh Tammy I do wish you lots of luck! Hopefully, this is just a start, and you WILL own your own shoppe one day!

Happy New Year to you!

Cathi said...

Congrats on your decision. I had a booth once and loved it. Where exactly is the Corner Junction? I am just south of Charlotte and have made field trips to Greensboro before to hit some quilt shops.

Tammy said...

The Corner Junction is located in Eden. Im about 45 mins north of Greensboro and about 15 mins from Eden. It is near the VA border near Martisville, VA.