Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Thursday Everyone

It has been one of those weeks. Monday and Tuesday were Teacher Workdays and I had to work longer hours for those 2 days. So now I am behind on things around here. I am so use to gettin up and gettin Dh and Ds out the door to work and school, but had to be at work at 5:30 Monday and Tuesday and then yesterday was just shot!! I didnt get anything done. Then had to rush home last night after work and get supper goin and finished before my cousin got her for me to color her hair. Yep Im a "retired" hairdresser!! Giggle. I havent done hair in a loooong time and the truth is I dont miss it one bit!!!

I do have some peppermints in the works though. I have managed to get them sewn up and I will "Try" to work on those some today. Inbetween the loads of laundry that I have, I hope to at least get them turned and stuffed. I have got to get my bum out and pick up some muslin I am completely out.. That never happens. It's just been sooo crazy around here. This weekend wont offer much help either. Why?? Well it's the big weekend!! My little brother is getting married on Saturday. Friday is rehersal and dinner! Gosh I dont see the light at the end!

Sunday my friend Angie and I are gonna try to go to our friend Angie's house for her Holiday Open House. She doesnt live that far from us, so I believe we are gonna make a road trip. Good Luck Angie on your first Holiday Open House.

Well that's about all I have for today. Busy, busy. And not craft busy that's what hurts. I hope everyone has a great day.. Hugs to all..


Kimberly said...

Great to hear from you Tammy! Busy busy sometimes gets in the way, doesn't it? Looking forward to seeing your peppermints! They sound so Christmas-y!
Have a great rest of the week, Kimberly