Friday, November 6, 2009

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Today was a fun filled day. I went with Wesley's class to the pumpkin patch today. We all had so much fun. The morning started out very Chhilly but around lunchtime the wind stopped blowing and it turned out to be a nice Fall day.

We started our morning with a 30 minute hayride. I have not been on one in quite a few years, so it was fun for me as well. After that the kids got to take a train ride. The cars were made to look like cows and each one had a name. The funniest one was the car/cow named Bodacious. How funny is that?

Then came the pumpkin patch. The kids scrambled to pick out their favorite pumpkin. So much to choose from.. they all went for the larger pumpkins. The parents got to pick a pumpkin too. Wesley was a little jealous that I got a bigger one than he did.

We then had lunch and it was so nice. This class is so well behaved, we didnt even know they were there while eating. I think that says alot. Very well behaved for a group of 4-5 year olds. After lunch we had storytime and they were told about a girl named Rebecca who lived on a pumpkin farm. Very cute story it was. I think the part they loved the most about storytime was getting to pet the rabbit.

And lastly but certainly not a favorite part of the trip was the cornmaze. Im not a very big fan of corn fields, I just dont know something about them just creeps me out giggle. But as you can tell we all made it through and everyone had a wonderful time. I have a slideshow and if you have time take a peek. There are quite a few of them so be sure you have to time to watch.

Well that sums up our day. I hope everyone has had a wonderful day. Until next time.

Happy Thanksgiving, Tammy