Wednesday, March 18, 2009

~Easter Giveaway~

Easter will upon us before we know it. So my giveaway this time is related to Easter memories.

As a child I can remember my Granny (Mama's Mama) would give us those peanut butter chocolate covered eggs. They would come in a little white box with green grass topped off with a pastel flower and leaves. They were the best eggs. That is a memory that sticks in my mind.

Now for the giveaway. Leave me a comment about you fondest memory of Easter. It can be either from your childhood or adulthood. Now here is what Im offering. Spring stitchery, Land o Lakes cheesebox with 4 grunged eggs, and 2 bags of candy. Reese's cups and M&M's. Yum!!

Contest is open starting tonight and will end on Monday 23rd. I will draw a name at 10am Eastern time. You can enter up until 9 am Eastern time. So come on and leave me a comment. Open to US residents only. You can enter even if you dont have a blog, just be sure to leave your email addy.

Good Luck to all who enter.

Prim Blessings, Tammy


fortheloveofprim said...

My fondest memory of Easter is every year my grandma would make one of those lamb cakes. I just thought that was the coolest thing ever.. She would dye the coconut green to look like grass and have jelly beans laying all around. It was something to look forward to every Easter!!

basketsnprims said...

Hi, Tammy! What a wonderful giveaway. My fondest memory is getting the kids when they were little the hoemade big choc & pb eggs and had them personalized and hiding the eggs & watching their excitement as they looked for them. Have a wonderful day.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Tammy,
My fondest memory is the Easter egg hunt the club in our town would have for us kids. The candy were huge choc. Easter bunnies, also the Easter basket I'd wake up to:)
Have a great day!

janie said...

My fondest memory of Easter was when my Nana gave me a plastic shaped bunny filled with all kinds of candy. The container was adorable.
have a great day, janie

AnnaSam said...

My fondest memories of Easter was going to my "Grannys" and having a huge easter egg hunt and trying to find the "special" plastic egg with money in it!! Also I love the pecan logs!! YUMMY!!! Have a blessed day!
And a special "Thank you" for being concerned!

Angie said...

Thank you Tammy for such an adorable giveaway. I will post it on my blog for more visits for you too. My fondest memory of Easter is every year the Easter bunny would hide the Easter basket and we would have to find it. It was so hard when we found each others but couldn't find ours as fast. The hardest year was in the humidifier! What wonderful stories to read!

Sara said...

Oh its so fun reading through everyones favorite Easter memory!!! I would have to say my favorite Easter memory would include the years my mom hosted the Easter brunch at my home. My mom, dad, brother and I would get up, we would find the eggs that the Easter bunny left for us then the whole family came over. We would eat our yummy brunch, the kids would find more eggs, and after we explored what was in our baskets, we would read a bit from the Bible. I always looked forward to our family get togethers as a child!

Karin said...

Walking to church in pretty dresses and Easter hats and bonnets--Lived in a little town then and it is one of the biggest regrets of my life that I didn't get to go to high school there. (My father got a job at a state college and we moved to a much bigger town.)

bluejeanprimitives said...

Great give away! I want in on this one!

Hmmm my fondest memory? That's so hard... Mom would always sew our Easter dresses for Sunrise Service at Church on Easter morning. We'd always get a new pair of shoes for church also. But every single year was better than the last when we were growing up... The baskets Mom would create were amazing... she'd even make little dolls with clothes or little teddies. And then all the Easter's with my own two girls with me carrying on those same traditions. Sorry! I can't pick ONE favorite! They were all so magical.....

Jean :)

NeNe said...

Hi Tammy,

You are so sweet to host this. My favorite memory its going to the Easter egg hunt on our Court House Square looking for the foil eggs as they were the ones you needed for a prize. It was always so cold but no one cared.

grammie25 said...

Hi Tammy,

My most favorite memory has been carried down thru two generations.
When I would wake up on Easter Sunday, there would be bunny tracks, made from talcum powder, using your pointing finger and middle finger which has been pressed into the powder and then spaced bunny hops apart. My mom and dad would start from the top of my bed, down across the bedroom floor, down the steps and into the living room where my Easter basket would be waiting.
To this day my two children have been doing the same thing with their children.
They have gotten a little more creative thou, they have their bunny coming in thru the front door. If you open up the front door you can see where he has jumped up to the door handle to get in.
It is very special to see this thru the eyes of my grandchildren.
God Bless
Happy Easter

My Open Nest said...

A fond Easter memory was from our first year of homeschooling. I borrowed an incubator from a friend and we found someone to give us fertilized eggs. My three kids diligently observed, turned, and warmed the eggs in early spring while recording their daily tasks in caring for the eggs. Easter Sunday we left to drive to Virginia for church and Easter dinner with Grandma.
That night as we came home from a wonderful, but long day we heard, "Cheeep, cheep, cheep!" Running to the incubator we witnessed the first chick pecking it's way out of it's shell. The thrill of realizing the significance of Christ's resurrection and the chicks hatching was a meaningful memory of a wonderful day.
It was fun finding your blog and participating in memory sharing.

Wendy said...

Please enter me in your awesome giveaway!!! My memories of Easter are great ones, there were eight kids and my parents would hide everyone of them, and they would find the greatest and hardest places to hide them!!:0) Then as we got older we would get to go buy a new outfit for Easter and spring!! Have a wonderful day!!~Wendy

Jenna Z said...

On Easter Sunday, I got to wear a new dress, always flowered, shiny white shoes that I didn't get to wear any other day of the year, and WHITE GLOVES! I loved the white gloves the best, I felt to sophisticated, even though the shoes were too tight usually and gave me blisters. :)

Mercy Ottis/The Stone House said...

Hi Tammy! Thank you for your kind welcome and invite to your blog give away. I would love to be entered! One of my fondest memories of Easter, is from my youth. My dad's mom, Emma, lived a couple hours drive away from us. And on the way there, there were the most awesome sand dunes. We stopped and spent hours playing in the warm sand. My brother and I would burry each other, then when we got tired of that we would trade candy and eat candy, and then run some more on the sand. We found and rolled colored eggs there also. The memory isn't totally clear, and I'm not sure if we found our baskets when we got to the dunes, or if we already had them with us. I can remember how fun it was there, in the sand with our goodies and parents. My brother didn't like black jelly I got them all!!!! LOL I love black jelly beans. (Oh my, I am in need of some as we speak!) I also remember everything was covered with sand. I don't think this bothered me, but from an adult’s perceptive, I'm sure it was a mess in our car! Bless my parent’s hearts for having the courage to take both us, and our Easter baskets to the sand dunes!!!! Thank you again. ♥

Gayle said...

My favorite memory of Easter is when my kids were small. Every year I would make them matching outfits and take their pictures. My favorites were when I could pose them in front of the yellow blooming forsythia bushes in the yard - so pretty!

Sharon/primthyme said...

Hi Tammy,
What a wonderful giveaway,Please enter me.
My great memories are of my children when they saw their Easter Baskets & when My granddaughters hunted eggs we hid.Then they all grew up !!
Happy Easter ,Tammy !!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Hi dearie...hmmm...favorite Easter memory...let's see...getting to sit on the stool in the kitchen and watch my mother cook the Easter dinner...

Susan said...

Oh, please enter me! I love, love love Reese cups!!!! Growing up my family always spent Easter weekend at the beach. Two things I remember: it ALWAYS rained sometime during the weekend and we would go to the sunrise service on the beach Easter morning.

This Country Girl said...


Please do enter me! I would love to take these goodies home with me!

When I was little, I just loved my parents hiding the eggs and letting my brother and I find them, even if it was inside on a rainy day! I also remember wearing my white "go-go" boots on Easter! :)

I also love sharing these same memories with my kids as they are growing up (minus the go-go boots)! :)

Thanks for offering the giveaway!

Have a great weekend!

shweetpotato said...

My fondest memories is just dyeing eggs with my kids, they were so proud of their pretty eggs and every year hubby and I would hide them in the house for them on Easter morning (it was too cold outside) it was so fun and I think after they haved all moved out I will still have to dye eggs myself every Easter :D Carm

Amy C. said...

What a cute idea for an easter giveaway. Please enter me in your drawing.

We live out in the woods and it never failed that around Easter time we would see more bunnies in our back yard than any other time of year. Our garage was at the back of our house so when we would go around to the garage, we would see the bunnies hopping all thru the back yard looking like they just came from the house. I always told the kids they were checking out the house to see if any children lived there and to see if they had been good and to decide what they would be getting for Easter. We still see these bunnies at Easter time but my kids aren't buying into the story anymore. I guess it is one I will have to save and use again when I have grandkids.


Teri said...

My fondest Easter memories were the smell of coconut!!! My mother would always bake and decorate the most delicious Easter cake..and always with a coconut/grass! My other favorite memory was getting to wear new Easter duds to church which included new shoes and purse!
Your giveaway looks fantastic!

Bonnie said...

Ok So this is a weird memory...When I was younger I lived and breathed horses. I had a little mare that was a bit snotty but every easter I would get peeps in my basket, Me , not a marshmallow lover somehow found out that my horse loved them and she would get my PEEPS. I had to leave the package open to allow them the dry out a little. She was sweet as a peep on easter