Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cold, Cold, Cold

Good Saturday Morning everyone. Oh my goodness, is it cold here in NC. Woke up to a whole 4 degrees outside. Im sure this is nothing nothing new to some of y'all, but when you from Spring like temps to Winter temps, it makes ya say whoa!!! It's Cold.

Not only did I wake up to cold temps, but our water froze as well. That's not gonna be good. I hope and pray that we will able to get it going sometime today. Dont want the laundry to get to backed up, and then theres the bathroom problems too. What to do what to do....

I think about what folks did when they only had a Johnny House. It would make for a cold trip out that is for sure.

I have a new pattern I need to get busy on, so I guess today will be a good to stay in and get some crafting done. I hope everyone has a great day today. Try to stay warm.


AnnaSam said...

Hey gal,
Sorry I have not visited for awhile. Been real busy and I am trying to visit everyone. I know it's cold here too!It's 19 degrees here. Have a blessed day!

Kath said...

Hi Tammy-
It was -20 here this morning....that's just...beyond COLD!

The poor dogs had a rough time goin out this morning...the cold hurt their feet!
Sorry about your water lines-I sure hope ya have them thawed out...

Stay warm!


basketsnprims said...

Tammy, I sure hope you get those pipes fixed. The BR situation could get to be a pain. We had way below zero this am and it's still snowwing. Can't wait to see what you are whipping up with that new pattern Have a good weekend.


Black Sheep Lisa said...

Hey Tammy, stay warm and snug!
Hope the pipes get thawed too!

Kimberly said...

Cold? What cold...;) We're sitting at about 6 Celcius, or around 42 for you guys down south. It's almost balmy... the sun is shining... the last of the snow is going... and the kids are out cleaning up branches in the backyard. Ahhh, Saturday!
Stay warm Tammy!
Hugs, Kimberly

Kimberly said...

...and I just LOVE your blugerass music! LOVE IT! I grew up with my dad singing in a Gospal Bluegrass group, Homeward Bound.

Love it!