Saturday, September 20, 2008

Award and Tagged

My friend Angie has given me an award and tagged me. Thank you Angie.

Six things about me:

1. I am a mama to two great boys. Josh 14 and Wesley 3

2. I work for the After School Program and I have 13 1,2 and 3rd graders in my group. I love'em all. They are great kids.

3. I cant sew with my shoe on. I think this is so funny, but I have to take my shoe off when I sew.

4. I love allllll things primitive.

5. I have one brother, who is younger than me. He is getting married in November

6. Fall is my all time favorite time of the year.

Now to award and tag 6 other bloggers. I hope I pick someone who doesnt already have this award.

Kimberly My Brown Bag Studio
Angie Simple ThymePrimitives
Leslie My Country Home
Kindra 3 Guys A Girl and A Prim Place
Jill The Fruit of Her Hand Studio
Joleen The Primitive Bucket


Sandy said...

It was great learning new things about you. I love this game because I am getting to know my blogging gals more and more...


Angie said...

Thank you Tammy for the tag, I will definitely post the tag info when I get more time, busy weekend here in my home! Hugs and blessings, angie

theprimitivebucket said...

Thanks for the tag Tammie!!! I have been gone but am excited to get this on my blog and tag some of my friends. Thanks and your blog DOES ROCK!!! All of them!!!


Kindra said...

Thanks for the sweet award!! Right back at ya!! I will share my list sometime this week!

Gotta love those boys!

Jazy said...

I so get that shoe off when sewing thing!! LoL.
I even take my shoe off when I drive. more control that way I think