Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trying to get some stuff done

Well since being back to work this week, I have just been lazy about my crafting. I did however get a few patterns traced out tonight. I will try to get them sewed tomorrow. Its tough working outside the home, keeping house, kids, and crafting. I think I will have to do most of my work on the weekends. Seems I might have time then. But....cha never know... So be patient with me as I try to get into the swing of things.


Black Sheep Lisa said...

I see you snagged some of Mandies graphics too! LOL
Yes, when working outside the home things go lacking. I know it was rough around here when i worked.
Glad to see ya bloggin'

Tammy said...

Thank you Lisa. Glad to see you bloggin to.

Im doing the best I can. Its tough, and when the boys are here they dont clean. So its all left for me to do when I get home.

We'll make though.